Problems with new release ...

David Feugey dfeugey at
Thu Dec 20 10:26:59 PST 2001

>> Ideally you could produce a minimal case in which this occurs.
>Hm, the project isn't that small that I can isolate a minimal test 
>in a few minutes. I'll see what I can do.
>What I have found out so far is, that the problem is not a linking
>problem as "link" (Acorn C/C++) produces similar errors when trying to
>link the same files. The 'libfoo' is generated with "drlink -aof"
>(drlink version 0.37) and this seems to cause the problem. If I use
>libfile instead of "drlink -aof", then linking works (however, I get a
>Segmentation fault when running the program).
I don't know if it can help, but when I try (with a snapshot old of 3 
weeks) to compile MPxPlayer under RISC OS I encounter the same 
problem... In fact I only try with libfile : it gave a library file, 
empty... No objects in it... It links with the application and give 
also (logically) a Seg fault on run.

Now to find where is the problem, is another thing :)
Good luck and thanks for the work.

Bye, David

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