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On 21 Dec 2001, in message <m3n10cd6k5.fsf at>,
Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:

> Ian Jeffray <ian at> writes:
> > has a "Readme" which has Data filetype, not text.
> > 
> > God knows how that happened (there's no Acorn extension header on that
> > file at all... bizarre - maybe some bug in my zip patch. damn.)
> > Could it be quickly tweaked to be text?
> It was a last minute inclusion on my behalf, using the
> standard Unix zip package.  Totally overlooked that issue.
> Nick.

The library files are all typed Text - 0xFFF, not Data.

Is there/should there be a path pointing at the library directory, for
passing to a linker, something like GCC:o.unixlib?

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