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> Well, it's not just UnixLib I'm after. That just happens to be where
> all libraries now seem to live.

There are some libraries there yes; but I'm not sure that this is a good
long-term solution.   Things like gmp3 really doesn't belong there.

A little while ago, Ian and I considered various solutions for this.
It's yet to be released, but it's essentially a complement to the
!UnixHome application I released with Lynx and friends.

> Anyway, is there a (newly-released)
> stand-alone UnixLib?

No, but you can get that from its own CVS.

> > THB, I don't know - what were you hoping to do?
> > 
> I must have missed something, I thought everybody did it like this; perhaps
> there's a better way; maybe using DRLink instead of Acorn's link:
> My makefiles contain a list of libs that my project needs to link against. I
> pass that list to Link together with the file list.
> If I need, say libiostream, it's a lot simpler to specify
> GCC:o.libiostream, where <GCC$Path> resolves to
> ADFS::Tonys.$.tools.!gcc.bin.arm-riscos-aof.2_95_4.apcs26.unixlib., which is
> set by !gcc.!run, than it is to type that lot in, especially if I need
> multiple libs from that place.

The idea is that you just use GCC to link/compile/assemble everything,
as it knows how to call all the right tools and all the language
libraries.  That's probably possible in most cases.

> Evidently I added such a path to my previous installation; that's no
> hardship, I just wondered whether it was a deliberate omission, or an
> oversight :-)

For the time being, an extra path is probably best.

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