Oddity in New UnixLib

Tony van der Hoff tony at mk-net.demon.co.uk
Sat Dec 22 02:48:40 PST 2001


For debugging, I call my application thus: 

Run <REd$Dir>.!RunImage 2>pipe:debug

With the previous version of Unixlib, this would result in 1 argument being
passed to main() (argc = 1), and stdout being re-directed to pipe:debug. All
as expected.

With the new UnixLib I get argc = 2; *argv[1] = "2", which rather breaks
things. I suspect this is not correct, is it? The redirection still works OK.

The good news is that my present large (2Mb code size)  C++ project rebuilt
without change, and with this minor exception, appears to run fine. 

Thanks to everyone for your efforts!

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