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> gccpkg:lib/gcc-lib/arm-riscos-aof/2_95_4/include/g++-3/std/valarray_array.h:
> 339: std/valarray_array/tcc: No such file or directory
> std/valarray_array/tcc is in the gccsdk source on my Linux partition but is
> not included in the riscos-pkg build or the zip files.
> I created the directory gccpkg:///////std/valarray_array on my RiscPC
> containing the missing file renamed as 'tcc'.!!
> Is there a better way - perhaps using UnixEnv$gcc$sfix ?

That won't help because, as you say, it's not included in riscos-pkg.
The problem is that the Makefile in gcc/libstdc/Makefile only copies *.h
and *.cc to the destination.

I would think that an appropriate entry on line 186 will resolve the
issue.   This'll be fixed in the next release.


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