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Thu Dec 27 09:33:22 PST 2001

Tony van der Hoff wrote:

> On 21 Dec 2001, in message <70086bec4a.peter at>,
> Peter Naulls <peter at> wrote:
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>>          Tony van der Hoff <tony at> wrote:
>>>On 21 Dec 2001, in message <m3n10cd6k5.fsf at>,
>>>Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
>>>>It was a last minute inclusion on my behalf, using the
>>>>standard Unix zip package.  Totally overlooked that issue.
>>>The library files are all typed Text - 0xFFF, not Data.
>>This has been the case for sometime (not sure how long exactly).
>>GCC's output is typed text, unless it's an absolute, etc.
>>Sure, it could be changed back, but I can't see any strong argument
>>to do so.
> Not in arm_riscos.2_95_2, as in the previiew 3 release, but it's no
> real problem; it just looks a bit odd IMO.

This is prettymuch unavoidable as it stands.  gcc doesn't stick a ,xxx
extension on the files, and my new "zip" patch just treats untyped files
as text (fff) so thats why you now see text.   The old unix "zip" didn't
add any Acorn extensions in to the zip archive, so it was up to your
unpacker (SparkFS) to decide what filetype to make them, and the default
is ffd, data.

IMO, having libraries as textfiles is no big deal.   Acorn themselves
sometimes distributed them this way anyway.


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