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Dave Bennett dbennett2 at
Fri Dec 28 08:56:45 PST 2001

I have already hit a couple of problems with the new 2_95_4 C++ compiler.

When I compile the printf version of the "Hello, world" program using the
default option of unixlib, all is well.  However if I try to compile using
the -mlibscl option, I get a number of lines in stdio.h flagged because
"__gnuc_va_list" is not being defined.

Secondly, when I try to compile the iostream version of the "Hello, world"
program (using the default option of unixlib), the link editor fails to
resolve the "cout" and "<<" references.  I've tried adding the -liostream
option which I used to use with 2_95_1, but this just gives a "libiostream
not found" error.  Am I missing a library file or do I just need to
specify a different parameter?


Dave Bennett

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