char array subscript in ctype

Ian Jeffray ian at
Mon Dec 31 03:59:54 PST 2001

Peter Naulls wrote:

> While no doubt warnings are very useful, I fear that the one produced in
> this case is somewhat confusing, especially to a novice programmer
> (lclint might throw up something more useful); I spent quite sometime
> working out what exactly was generating the warning.

I really don't understand what you're saying here.   The compiler produces
a warning about an incorrect type.  You examine your code, note that
isalpha() and friends want an int but you're giving it a char or somesuch,
so you cast it in *your application code* and all is fixed.

I can't see what's really confusing about this particular warning as opposed
to any other warning the compiler generates, personally.

To be honest, I might be more worried about gcc if it had not produced a
warning. ;-)

In conclusion to this thread (maybe? :) there is a simple choice - put the
casts in these #defines to make the compiler quietly accept any garbage
parameter (eg even a (char *)) to  isalpha() and friends, or leave it as is
and have some warning when the user has written poor code.   IMO the choice
is clear.

Goodbye 2001.  Happy Hogmanay all.


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