Compiling under Linux

Nick Burrett nick at
Mon Jul 2 00:43:56 PDT 2001

"Paul F. Johnson" <paulf.johnson at> writes:

> I've just installed RedHat 5.2 (stop laughing!) and have copied over the
> latest SDK and followed the instructions in the README file. Other than the
> error message that the flag for cross compile has not been set when I ran
> configure, all was well.
> I typed make and all started fine. However, it soon came up with the error
> that there was a problem in
> /user/paul/gccsdk/arm-riscos-aof/riscos-aof/as/stage1/area.o
> (it has been reporting during compilation all sorts of bits were missing
> from area.c)
> Is this down to me using RH5.2 or is there a problem?

Can you tell me the error mesage ?


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