GCCSDK branches

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Tue Jul 31 04:43:18 PDT 2001

Some time ago for experimental purposes, I did some preliminary work
on a port of the development tree of GCC 3.1.0.  Rather than just
keep this on my local hard disc, I've wanted to import it into the
main GCCSDK tree.

To facilitate this, I have done two things:

1. The directory gccsdk/gcc-2_95 was renamed to gccsdk/gcc directly
within the CVS repository.

2. I have created a branch called `release_2_95' which is supposed to
include bug fixes and improvements that are related to the 2.95 release
of GCC.

This means that your local copies of GCCSDK will probably be broken,
and you'll either need to re-checkout the sources or hand fix the
`Repository' file in all subdirectories of gccsdk/gcc.



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