David Boddie davidb at mcs.st-and.ac.uk
Tue Jun 5 08:26:30 PDT 2001

On 5 Jun 2001, Nick Burrett wrote:

> David Boddie <davidb at mcs.st-and.ac.uk> writes:
> > I am interested in using the -msoft-float switch with gcc, but the
> > "gccuser" document indicates that this requires a suitable library to be 
> > present, and that the libgcc library needs to be recompiled using this
> > option.
> > 
> > Does anyone know if it is possible to create RISC OS binaries with this
> > option? Is there a pre-existing set of libraries which are suitable for
> > this task?
> It is possible to do this, but it has never been fully tested.  However,
> I don't see the advantage of doing this, since code size will be bigger
> and the software floating point libraries are much slower than the FPE.

Can the latest version of gcc for RISC OS manage this?

Is there a pre-compiled libgcc available from anywhere or will I have to
build my own?

If I can get this up and running then I can compare soft-float performance
against the FPE for my application and attempt to optimize it as required.

David Boddie
Solar MHD Theory Group, St Andrews

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