Some fixes to the Unixlib time handling

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at
Sun Jun 10 06:42:15 PDT 2001

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          Peter Teichmann <teich-p at> wrote:

> some time ago I promised some fixes to the Unixlub time handling. Here they
> are now. The differences in kernel.h and netinet/in.h were just necessary to
> compile Unixlib with gccsdk's gcc, but perhaps there is a better way to do
> this?

Three comments :

- Maybe we should get rid of function parameter names beginning with an
  underscore (see _kernel_osbyte()).  Remove the underscores ?
- It is "RISC OS", not "RiscOS" (tzset.c patch).
- _POSIX_TZNAME_MAX is increased from 3 to 7.  But where is this
  dependancy in the UnixLib code ? Or in the currently loaded Territory
  module ?

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