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> Good point.  I overlooked that.  But as the __RISCOSIFY_NO_PROCESS bit
> in __riscosify_control is doing exactly the same, let's merge our idea's :
> maybe we should change __riscosify_control into a weak symbol and when it
> is not defined by the application, take the value 0 (which is already the
> default value now).

Sounds reasonable.


> Of course this change in UnixLib means user code change + recompile but
> I think that's not too hard.

It might be a good idea to have an API number available for UnixLib.
This number would be increased every time a non backwards compatible
change was made.

eg. in <unixlib/local.h>
#define __UNIXLIB_API 20020803

Then the user can do things like:

#if __UNIXLIB_API < 20020803
#error "UnixLib version too old"


#if __UNIXLIB_API >= 20020803
int __riscosify_control = ...;

There's already a gccsdk version number, but I dont think that is
easily accessible to user programs.


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