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Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sat Aug 3 08:42:43 PDT 2002

In message <a54832604b.Jo at hobbes.riscos.be>
          John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> wrote:

> maybe we should change __riscosify_control into a weak symbol and when it
> is not defined by the application, take the value 0 (which is already the
> default value now).

I'm not sure if this will work (at least in the way you describe).  My
understanding of weak symbols is that the address, not the value, is
zero if undefined (it effectively doesn't have a value, unless you wish
to read zero page).

So in other words, we do adopt a new weak symbol, which if defined, the
value of is put into __riscosify_control.

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