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> > maybe we should change __riscosify_control into a weak symbol and when it
> > is not defined by the application, take the value 0 (which is already the
> > default value now).
> I'm not sure if this will work (at least in the way you describe).  My
> understanding of weak symbols is that the address, not the value, is
> zero if undefined (it effectively doesn't have a value, unless you wish
> to read zero page).
> So in other words, we do adopt a new weak symbol, which if defined, the
> value of is put into __riscosify_control.

Having two diffferent variables to perform the same job would be
confusing. It is useful to be able to change the value of
__riscosify_control at run-time as well as compile time.

How about something along the lines of the following?


IMPORT |__riscosify_control|, WEAK
EXPORT |__riscosify_control_ptr|

    DCD |__riscosify_control|


replace all reads of __riscosify_control to
__riscosify_control_ptr ? *__riscosify_control_ptr : 0;


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