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Tue Aug 6 03:13:10 PDT 2002

Peter Naulls wrote:
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>           Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
>>Peter Naulls wrote:
>>>What do people think of this?
>>>When a file is created (with fopen/open), its type is set depending upon
>>>its extension.  so .html gets 0xFAF etc.  The lookup is the normal
>>>Mimetype lookup of course.   Behaviour would be controlled via an
>>>additional flag to the current riscosify settings.  Should it be
>>>default?  I can't think of any reason why not.
>>>I have a number of programs that would benefit from this, and it would
>>>allow the only RISC OS specific changes to be removed.
>>This looks like a good idea to me.
>>I'm assuming that index.html will be saved as "index" with the file type 
>>set to 0xfaf, rather than as index.html with the file type set to 0xfaf.
> It's not what I had in mind.  The extension would be retained, as I can
> forsee problems when trying to reload stuff - unless you want to match
> the reverse direction - or when transferring stuff to unix filesystems.
> Plus there's issues with name clashes - file.txt vs file.html

OK. I see what you're getting at.

> If you want to do this, I think it would be best if this were a
> different flag - I don't however intend to implement it.

It doesn't seem worth it.

>>We could use this feature to fix the other silly GCC features of saving
>>AOF/ALF files as text files.
> Possibly, if you wanted to add a mapping for .o to your mimemap to data
> type - peronsally, I have no problem with them being text typed.

I'll probably just add a explicity set file type command to 'as' and 



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