Filetype setting on fopen

Nick Burrett nick at
Tue Aug 6 04:35:07 PDT 2002

Stefan Bellon wrote:
> Ian Jeffray wrote:
>>Nick Burrett wrote:
>>>We could use this feature to fix the other silly GCC features of
>>>saving AOF/ALF files as text files.
>>Possibly... but I doubt anyone will have/want ".o -> ffd" mapping in
>>their MimeMap, so maybe if a mime lookup fails, we have some simple
>>internal tables to add on rules like that?
> What's wrong with .o files having text filetype? Is there a problem
> other than a cosmetic one?

Obviously a few people have now got used to the object files having a 
text filetype.  But in the past, I got so many complaints about it ...

Nick Burrett
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