fstat returns wrong filesize

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Sat Aug 17 05:59:51 PDT 2002

Stefan Bellon wrote:

> file_desc->handle in line 69 of source/unix/fstat.c should be cast to
> int (like it is in other places) as otherwise Norcroft fails with:
> cc -depend !Depend -throwback -fcah -JUnixHdr: -wda -wp  -APCS
> 3/26bit/fpe2 -D__UNIXLIB_INTERNALS -c -o unix.o.fstat
> "^.source.unix.c.fstat"
> Norcroft RISC OS ARM C vsn 5.44 [12 Apr 2002]
> "^.source.unix.c.fstat", line 69: Error: <function argument 2>:
> implicit cast of pointer to 'int'

Bugger.  That'll teach me to stop doing things with a very bad hangover.

Thanks, and fixed.



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