Still have problems with libfile

Peter Naulls peter at
Wed Aug 28 00:08:12 PDT 2002

In message <200208272121.21825.T.E.Baldwin99 at>
          Timothy Baldwin <T.E.Baldwin99 at> wrote:

> > entry for 'k_nl_find_msg(loaded_l10nfile *, char const *)' in
> > './.libs/libkdecore.a'. Is library corrupt?
> Are you trying to port KDE to RISC OS? [1]
> Are you using GNU Libtool, if so which version?
> If you are cross-compiling a package which uses GNU autoconf, did you remember 
> to use --host <whatever> ? 
> Do you have any of gccsdk's bin directories on your path? Unless there have 
> been recent changes, they shouldn't be.

Sigh.  Given the number of programs I've ported to RISC OS, I think you
can assume the answers to those questions.   Nevertheless, none of those
is particularly relevant.  Libfile is creating broken libraries, no one

P.S. Please don't CC me things you also post to the list.

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