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Peter Naulls wrote:
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> > How to link A and B together without the need of C? Is this possible
> > under RISC OS?

> If my understanding of linker semantics is correct,

... but on GNU/Linux, the gcc linker handles it (I have been told).

> then the way to do this is to split the functions up in B into
> smaller objects.  i.e. A uses functions in B that are in the same
> object file as functions which rely upon C.

Yes, that's how I do it at present. But in order to keep the RISC OS
source as close as possible to the mainstream source it would be easier
if it worked otherwise.

RISC OS linkers are able to exclude unused areas from the executable.
But the dependence checks seem to be done prior to excluding unused
areas. Why isn't this swapped around? Then the unused areas can have
further dependences, but they needn't be fulfilled as the area is
unused and therefore excluded anyway.

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