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Wed Aug 28 06:58:20 PDT 2002

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          Stefan Bellon <sbellon at> wrote:

> Ah, got it! I thought one could use "link -aof" and "drlink -aof" for
> creating those libraries. If I use either of those, then I get the
> problems I explained. If I use libfile or makealf, then it works like
> you explained.
> I wasn't aware that link and drlink with the -aof switch produce
> something different.

I did wonder a bit when you first said your object file was a library.

> Ok, but now I have a problem: How do I create a new library from a few
> other libraries? With (dr)link -aof you could link together files that
> have already been linked with (dr)link -aof. You cannot do the same with
> libfile or makealf. You get:
> AOF Librarian:  (Error)  Bad library member oldlib.

I've never seen this.  OpenSSH (for one) does this (albeit using the ar
frontend instead).  It would help if you showed us the complete commmand

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