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Thu Aug 29 02:10:49 PDT 2002

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          Timothy Baldwin <T.E.Baldwin99 at> wrote:

> The error message you posted refered to functions from libkdecore,  which is a
> part of KDE, which was in a directory called .libs, which is used by Libtool. 
> So it looks like you are trying to port KDE, but resource usage of KDE 
> combined the lack of (v)fork suggest otherwise. Enough with explain why I 
> asked.

Yes, thanks for the analysis - I'm trying to track down a fault with the
linker/libtool - the fact that I'm compiling kdelibs isn't particularly
relevant, and your questions about paths and so forth were extremely
patronising given the circumstances.   Given your recent experience with
libtool, I was hoping you (or someone else) might be able to offer
assistance.  I still hope that's the case.

> Can we see a complete, but minimal, example please?

Again, what do you think the answer to this question is?  Given that
2/3rds of the current bugs in the bug system were reported by me, please
given me a little credit.

As it is, the error occurs with some very sizable objects and libraries.
I may be able to construct a test case in the fullness of time, but
there's no certainty here, as I don't have many clues as to what might
cause this.

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