64 bit maths and privileges

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          Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:

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> > Firstly, I need to do some shuffling around with 5 byte times (adds,
> > subtracts and multiplies).  Rather than attempt to do this manually, is
> > there any 64 bit integer support in UnixLib?  I could use 'long long', but
> > that would break Norcroft compatibility.  It would be much easier to do it
> > in assembler, yet it would be nicer if there was a library of such
> > functions, rather than handcrafting them for each case required.  Does
> > such a thing exist, or should I write one?
> There's no such thing in Unixlib.  There are a variety of 64-bit
> libraries out there, but importing one just for that function does seem
> overkill.   I suggest the easiest thing is to use long long, and have
> that not defined for a Norcroft build.  This may or may not be
> desirable.

Norcroft has __int64 but I don't have much experience with it (I don't
fully thrust it).  As Peter suggested, leave it undefined for a Norcroft
build and if someone needs it in a Norcroft build (or just likes to do
it), he can further examine the possibilities.

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