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Nick Burrett nick at
Mon Dec 2 00:54:27 PST 2002

Maarten Bezemer wrote:

> Where can I find the latsest version of gccsdk?

The latest working version is GCC 2.95.4 release 2, which is found on 
the release_2_95 branch.

> I tried to check it out using cvs without filling in a revision. But the
> version got couldn't compile. Some very strange (I forgot) error came by
> about not finding some function while linking 'ld'. I checked and found
> those functions so I don't know what's wrong...

The version on the trunk is based on an August snapshot of GCC 3.3.  I'm 
still pulling in all the required files to get the application to build 
properly, which I think should have been completed on Saturday or Sunday.

However it is all about to be broken as I'm going to commit a December 
snapshot to the trunk just as soon as I can get it to build fully.

No RISC OS specific code has been merged into the trunk yet as I'm just 
trying to get the basic compiler working properly first.


Nick Burrett
Network Engineer, Designer Servers Ltd.

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