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> I had some time to use the riscosify you send.
> As sfix I have the default so with the 'c' in it.
> Trying calling opendir(/Mem::Sprites/$/Test/c) won't work. And the
> directory Mem::Sprites.$.Test.c does exists.
> I got reading in riscosify.c and I found the following line as an
> example what that piece of code does:
> /idefs::hd/$/fred/preset/s converts into idefs::hd.$.fred.preset.s
> I suppose this is the same kind of filename I have. Both 'c' and 's' are
> in the sfix list.
> So is there a bug in riscosify or do I have to set some flags to
> activate this?


The sfix is configurable by the user/programmer.  If you want not want
suffix swapping for 'c', 's' or other extension, do *not* list it in
the sfix list or disable the suffix swapping via the __riscosify_control
variable.  It is *your* choice.  No need to fix something in the
source code.

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