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Fri Dec 20 02:22:03 PST 2002

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          Tom Hughes <tom at> wrote:

> I've been trying to experiment with the make from gccsdk to see if it
> is able to replace my current combination of Makatic and amu for driving
> builds. I'm actually working with the 32-bit build on my Iyonix, but I
> assume the 26 bit build will have the issues.
> My problem is that nothing much seems to work...
> I can use the wildcard function to get a list of files in the current
> directory, but I can't make it give me the files in the 'c' subdirectory
> despite trying all of these:
>   $(wildcard *.c)
>   $(wildcard c.*)
>   $(wildcard c/*)

The DeskLib makefile uses these types of rules extensively, you might
like to take a look at that.

Note however, that it's designed to work with the 32-bit GCC, which may
have a few extra enhancements to filename handling that didn't make it
into the last release of GCC.


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