building GCC 3.3

Nick Burrett nick at
Sat Dec 28 10:29:38 PST 2002

Peter Naulls wrote:
> In message <3E062824.4070507 at>
>           Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
>>I've committed some bug fixes, some missing riscosify changes and GCC 
>>support for referencing variables based on 'sp' rather than 'fp'.
> opensock.c is missing from unixlib, although I've copied it from another
> tree.  It's otherwise building ok atm.

Thanks.  I've committed the file.  I've committed additional fixes for 
non-local gotos and the use of __builtin_setjmp and __builtin_longjmp. 
These changes should help to get exception handling working.  I haven't 
looked into possible memory usage isses with 'alloca' yet.

I've run the C compiler against a chunk of the GCC c-torture testsuite 
and the results are looking good.

The next task is to get explicit stack checking implemented.  I feel 
that we should be able to use the compiler once this has been done.


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