Nick Burrett nick at
Thu Feb 7 02:22:18 PST 2002

Peter Naulls <peter at> writes:

> This patch mainly adds void pointer casts.   Arguably, allocation
> routines are one place where you can validly use these extensively,
> although I'm not convinced it couldn't be done better by better use
> of structures and so forth.  However, the code is quite complex, so I
> didn't attempt that.

Thanks. I've committed this and the other changes you sent with
the following patch:

Thu Feb  7 10:17:01 2002  Peter Naulls  <peter at>

	* alloc.c: Clean up compiler warnings.
	* netlib/host.c: Likewise.
	* stdarg.h: Likewise.
	* machine/nan.h (NAN): Likewise.

	* inttypes.h: Add __extension__ to GCC specific C extensions.
	* stdint.h: Likewise.
	* stdlib.h: Likewise.
	* wchar.h: Likewise.
	* unixlib/types.h: Likewise.

	* math.h (exp2, exp10, round, lround, llround, drem): Prototype.
	* machine/ieee754.h (__ieee754_exp): Prototype.
	* fcntl.h (O_NOCTTY): Define.
	* assert.h (assert): Remove __noreturn__.


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