Why 2.95.4 ? (and libscl)

Ian Jeffray ian at paradise-uk.net
Thu Feb 7 02:35:23 PST 2002

I guess Nick's the one to answer this - We just moved from 2.95.2 to
2.95.4 so you must have thought there was good reason to do that?

I'm just wondering why there's no 2.96.x activities?   I suspect the
answer may be "lots of work, little benefit", but I'd be interested
to hear, just for amusement.

I continue to attack libscl problems at least once per week, and have
done so since ~August (when I rewrote libscl!) but it's still proving
to be utterly unstable (in !Nettle for example, it locks the machine
up solid).   If anyone else is using libscl and seeing weirdness that
isn't happening with unixlib, I'd love to hear.   In fact, if anyone
is using libscl without a problem in a large-size project, I'd love to
hear, too (private email, please) because this thing is now driving me
completely positively potty. :-(


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