#define __need_XXX patch suggestion

Tony van der Hoff tony at mk-net.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 13 04:54:13 PST 2002

On 13 Feb 2002, in message <m3wuxhacur.fsf at nick.ws.noc.dsvr.net>,
Nick Burrett <nick at dsvr.net> wrote:

> John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> writes:
> > In order to reduce the number of warnings the Norcroft C compiler is
> > spitting during the UnixLib compilation, I would submit a patch which
> > changes all:
> > 
> > #define __need_XXX
> > 
> > into
> > 
> > #ifndef __need_XXX
> > #define __need_XXX
> > #endif
> > 
> > Any objections ?
> Yeah, it's gonna make everything look a mess.  I think this is more
> of a problem with Norcroft C's pedantry.
> I'm all for getting warnings fixed, but when it drastically reduces
> the readability of the header files, then I'm not so happy.  Anyway,
> doesn't Norcroft still complain about non-ANSI #includes ?

The latter can be suppressed with -Wp in the command line. 

I assume that John is referring to the "repeated definition of macro xx".
According to the manual this can be suppressed by omitting -Fh on the command
line, however, that also bypasses other potentially desirable pedantry. 

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