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> > By the same token, it would be nice if Drlink could understand the Unix
> > archive format.
> I'm not convinced we need this because our userland tools create
> and work with ALF and AOF files.  If we want Unix archive support then
> perhaps we should be using ELF objects.

Unix Archives don't immediately imply ELF format (at least, IMO).
The point of this is to allow flexibility, and ease of porting.  In many
cases, the AR tool is configurable, but in some cases it's hardwired to
ar, which means changing the makefile.

> > Additionally, I'd like to resuggest a patch of Alex's from sometime ago
> > below.  I've been using this for quite some time, and I think the
> > hassles of not having it are far more than any perceieved confusion
> > about filetype naming.

> I still don't understand the merits of this patch, apart from perhaps
> in a Unix environment.

And in the RISC OS enviroment.  In most cases (IME), the library
filename extension is assumed to be .a, for better or worse in

These things, and the point raised by Theo form about 90% of the issues
of using a makefile in Unix with GCCSDK.  With them, and the compiler
set correctly, a great many things will just compile out of the box.  

I now have a very quickly growing number of ports and potential ports -
the more issues that can be resolved without having to modify any of a
program's build, the better and the more likely their building will be
automated in the future.


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