CVS typo?

Theo Markettos theo at
Mon Mar 4 03:27:52 PST 2002

Last night around 5pmish I was checking a new version of 2.95 out of CVS
to my Risc PC in Linux.
I have:

atm26 at iapetus:~$ echo $CVSROOT
:pserver:anoncvs at

and I did:
atm26 at iapetus:~$ cvs -z 3 co -r release_2_95 gccsdk
This got as far as
U gccsdk/unixlib/source/wchar/wmemset.c
then died with
cvs checkout: inflate: incorrect data check
cvs checkout: shutting down buffer from server: Input/output error
which I suspect was due to NTL dropping my modem connection as it
reached its 2 hour time limit.

However, when I tried to reconnect around 9.30 this morning, I got:
atm26 at iapetus:~$ cvs -z 3 co -r release_2_95 gccsdk
protocol error: directory
'/usr/locel/cvsroot/gccsdk/riscos-libs/gmp-3_1/mpbsd' not within root
at which point CVS gives up.  Does this mean there's a typo 'locel' for
'local' in the repository somewhere?  It still happens to me now.

Any ideas?


Theo Markettos                 theo at
Gonville and Caius College     theom at
Cambridge, CB2 1TA, UK
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