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> Dear All,
> After seeing the posting on the archived list, I was wondering if the
> socket support could be made as comprehensive as the Acorn socket
> library without too much of a problem or failing that, the addition of
> sys/un.h would help things a bit.

At every instance in the past (TBOMK) when a feature is required, the
person requiring the feature is added it - Nick has stated this to you
in the past. I doubt this case will be specially different - you'll have
to create an appropriate patch.

> It's a PITA to have to do a port on
> Norcroft as for quite a lot of apps, Unixlib offers a much more rapid
> method of porting (mainly as the header files are there!)

Header files don't imply(1) functionality, they merely advertise that it
should be there.  What makes Unixlib so useful is that it implemnts a
large number of POSIX functions, for the most part correctly.  Acorn's
C library merely implements a standard C library - your statement
suggests Acorn's is missing functionality, which isn't true as far as
its aims are concerned.

1. I mean this in the strict Logic 101 sense of imply, not the normal
English sense.

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