as warning fixes

Nick Burrett nick at
Sat Mar 30 01:50:11 PST 2002

Peter Naulls <peter at> writes:

> This patch should fix most the remaining warnings with the assembler
> (with strong warnings turned on)
> The patch:
>    - Correctly declares functions as static where appropriate
>    - Change char * to const char * where appropriate.
>    - Change __riscos to __riscos__ (I'd like to deprecate the former
>      eventually)

Be carefull of doing this because I think Norcroft defines __riscos,
but not __riscos__. 

>    - Declares constants in a new header file, main.h
> The only questionable code is in macros.c, where I've changed a "" to a
> strdup("") to allow for correct typing.  I'm not sure if this behaviour
> is entirely appropriate (potential memory leak).

I've committed the patch.



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