!RunImage and enable-ff8 extensions

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Fri Oct 4 07:58:35 PDT 2002

In message <3D9DB15A.2060305 at arm.com>
          Alex Waugh <Alex.Waugh at arm.com> wrote:

> Theo Markettos wrote:
> > The default filename from drlink when enable-ff8 is turned on should be
> > !RunImage,ff8 rather than !RunImage.  This patch fixes it:
> IIRC adding ,ff8 is currently done by ld rather than drlink, so it seems 
> a bit inconsistent for both programs to be setting it, albeit in 
> different situations. I'm not sure of the reason it was added to ld 
> rather than drlink, but might it be best to move all ,ff8 related code 
> to drlink?

That could well be the best solution, considering drlink is in the path
and may occasionally be invoked on its own (although I would tend to
discourage that). Plus drlink is reponsible for the default filename.

With regard to some issues resulting from use of ,ff8 in filenames, it
may well be pertinent have a version of make which understands that a
target may have an extension of ,ff8 (I know some makefiles understand
that, but many do not).  I'm also going to make a version of 'install',
which understands this - a simple bash script should do the trick.


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