Changes made in GCCSDK for CVS

Maarten Bezemer m.m.bezemer at
Sun Oct 13 08:49:11 PDT 2002


I've made some changes in gccsdk to make CVS run.
First of all I've changed libfile, becasue I had some problems for
finding files. So I've added riscosify function to some load and save
code. Now it works better (in my opinion) under RISC OS. I've made the
changes in de parts where CROSS_COMPILE is false, so it shouldn't affect
libfile running under Unix.
(changed files:,,

I've also changed UnixLib:
file unix/dev.c:
added 3 extra (empty) devices. CVS uses one of them to transfer the
socketnumber from CVSServer to CVS itself. Becasue it can't have a
internal filedesriptor (or how it's called) so I've used the Socket SWIs
and number to get around this. (But this is CVS code)

file unix/dev.h:
changed number of devices to 8

file unix/pipe.c
strcpy (stpcpy (file, "/pipe/"), s);
strcpy (stpcpy (file, "<Wimp$ScrapDir>/pipe/"), s);
to prevent it occur in the root of my harddisk.

If you like I can send the files/patches so they can be included in the
CVS repository.

I've also found bug/glitch:
When compiling cvs all libraries always gets linked. ALso when no
changes are made. The same goes for the final targets (executables). For
some reason the check whether files are changed or not goes wrong...
If you like I can send my Makefile(s) to make sure there not mistake in

Maarten Bezemer  The Netherlands
email m.m.bezemer at
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