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Sun Oct 13 08:42:21 PDT 2002

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          Maarten Bezemer <m.m.bezemer at> wrote:

> I've also changed UnixLib:
> file unix/dev.c:
> added 3 extra (empty) devices. CVS uses one of them to transfer the
> socketnumber from CVSServer to CVS itself. Becasue it can't have a
> internal filedesriptor (or how it's called) so I've used the Socket SWIs
> and number to get around this. (But this is CVS code)

If I understand you correctly, you can get at the RISC OS socket number
if you really need to.  There's an note on

> file unix/pipe.c
> changed
> strcpy (stpcpy (file, "/pipe/"), s);
> to
> strcpy (stpcpy (file, "<Wimp$ScrapDir>/pipe/"), s);
> to prevent it occur in the root of my harddisk.

I have a more comprehensive fix to this, but it doesn't seem to have
made it into CVS. Nick - can you check back?

> If you like I can send the files/patches so they can be included in the
> CVS repository.

You don't need permission to post fixes here :-)  Please do.

> I've also found bug/glitch:
> When compiling cvs all libraries always gets linked. ALso when no
> changes are made. The same goes for the final targets (executables). For
> some reason the check whether files are changed or not goes wrong...
> If you like I can send my Makefile(s) to make sure there not mistake in
> them.

I've just today found a bug in 'make' whereby object files of type data
(e.g. Norcroft output) are always remade, as 'make' thinks they don't
exist.  I suspect this is a bug in unixlib somewhere, and likely it's
your same bug.  I will probably look at this tommorow.


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