Changes made in GCCSDK for CVS

Alex Waugh Alex.Waugh at
Mon Oct 14 01:40:04 PDT 2002

Peter Naulls wrote:
> In message <abfed7844b.maarten at>
>           Maarten Bezemer <m.m.bezemer at> wrote:
>>file unix/pipe.c
>>strcpy (stpcpy (file, "/pipe/"), s);
>>strcpy (stpcpy (file, "<Wimp$ScrapDir>/pipe/"), s);
>>to prevent it occur in the root of my harddisk.
> I have a more comprehensive fix to this, but it doesn't seem to have
> made it into CVS. Nick - can you check back?

I'm not sure what your fix is, but yesterday purely by coincidence I 
found a bug in __riscosify's handling of /tmp and /pipe. I've been 
reworking the whole of __riscosify to try and fix some bugs; I'll post 
more details in a few days.


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