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Mon Oct 14 04:08:42 PDT 2002

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> I've just today found a bug in 'make' whereby object files of type data
> (e.g. Norcroft output) are always remade, as 'make' thinks they don't
> exist.  I suspect this is a bug in unixlib somewhere, and likely it's
> your same bug.  I will probably look at this tommorow.

And here's why (unix/stat.c):

  if (regs[0] == 0
      || (sftype != __RISCOSIFY_FILETYPE_NOTFOUND && sftype != aftype))
    return __set_errno (ENOENT);

If the existing object file is typed data, sftype ends up being fff and
aftype is ffd.   I'm confused by what this logic is supposed to do -
John, is it part of your charges to filetype handling?  Should there be
a special case for text?  Should riscosify be doing something different?

For the moment in my version I'll put in a special case for fff.


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