Pthreads, part 2

Alex Waugh Alex.Waugh at
Mon Oct 21 05:44:34 PDT 2002

Peter Naulls wrote:
> In message <3DAFC877.9060106 at>
>           Alex Waugh <Alex.Waugh at> wrote:
>>Here's the next installment of the pthread changes.
>>The context switching code now uses SFM/LFM rather than STFE/LDFE when
>>assembled for 32bit code.
> Can we avoid this?  Having different sets of code that works on
> 26bit/32bit sounds all very well, but the upshot means having two
> libraries.  Instead, can we write 26bit/32bit agnostic code, with the
> eventual aim to be fully APCS-32 supporting ARM3 through to XScale.

I changed this because John requested it, and it made it consistant with 
the current implementation of longjmp. We could use SFM in all cases, 
and insist that the user has a recent enough version of the FPEmulator. 
Or use STFE in all cases, but this is not as efficient and IIRC may have 
issues when dealing with FP exceptions.


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