Pthreads, part 2

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> Peter Naulls wrote:

> > Can we avoid this?  Having different sets of code that works on
> > 26bit/32bit sounds all very well, but the upshot means having two
> > libraries.  Instead, can we write 26bit/32bit agnostic code, with the
> > eventual aim to be fully APCS-32 supporting ARM3 through to XScale.
> I changed this because John requested it, and it made it consistant with 
> the current implementation of longjmp. We could use SFM in all cases, 
> and insist that the user has a recent enough version of the FPEmulator.

I did mean the comment as a general one, not just specific to your FP
code of course.  But to address this point, insisting on a recent FPE
might be an acceptable thing to do.  The alternative is checking for
32-bit mode at runtime, which is a 2 instruction sequence.

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