With great joy I announce...

Ian Jeffray ian at jeffray.co.uk
Thu Oct 31 12:12:11 PST 2002

Leo Smiers wrote:

> With great joy I want to announce the birth of a new cross-compiler
> build.


> This week I finally have downloaded (is that the correct term?) the
> GCCSDK files from the CSV to my 66 Mhz linux (Redhat 6.1) machine. After
> compiling for many hours (>10) it correctly build all the tools and libs.


> With these newly build tools I was able to comile the famous 'hello world'
> program and run it on my SA-RPC.
> All I have left to do is get the latest UNIXLIB from the CVS. Any 
> pointers?

What?  You've already got/done that if you have a running compiler
and "hello world".

> I have one question I would like against OSLIB. Is this possible on 
> the linux
> cross-development system?

"it works" - what else can be said?

> I wish to thank all GCCSDK developers for there effort. I can now evaluate
> the SDK if it is practical to build my software with it.

I'm confused as to a) why you think this is so amazing and b) why
you didn't just get a binary?


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