With great joy I announce...

Leo Smiers l.smiers at chello.nl
Thu Oct 31 12:33:48 PST 2002

In message <3DC18E9B.6050105 at jeffray.co.uk> you wrote:

> Leo Smiers wrote:
> > With great joy I want to announce the birth of a new cross-compiler
> > build.
> Eh?
> >
> > This week I finally have downloaded (is that the correct term?) the
> > GCCSDK files from the CSV to my 66 Mhz linux (Redhat 6.1) machine. After
> > compiling for many hours (>10) it correctly build all the tools and libs.
> Why?
because I think that the people who spend lots of time making GCCSDK need
to know how much I appriciate their work.
> >
> > With these newly build tools I was able to comile the famous 'hello world'
> > program and run it on my SA-RPC.
> >
> > All I have left to do is get the latest UNIXLIB from the CVS. Any 
> > pointers?
> What?  You've already got/done that if you have a running compiler
> and "hello world".
I thought that there was a newer UNIXLIB development CSV outside the
GCCSDK. This is obvious not the case, which is good because it saves me
building an extra object.
> >
> > I have one question I would like against OSLIB. Is this possible on 
> > the linux
> > cross-development system?
> "it works" - what else can be said?
AFAIK I should copy the OSLIB h and o files into a directory that is visible
to gcc and just build and link? This is so simple that I thought that there
was a catch to it.
> >
> > I wish to thank all GCCSDK developers for there effort. I can now evaluate
> > the SDK if it is practical to build my software with it.
> I'm confused as to a) why you think this is so amazing and b) why
> you didn't just get a binary?
to a)  It is not amazing, but just a possitive feedback.

to b) I thought there wasn't a ready binary for I386 linux. And yes I want
to cross-build on linux because of the filenames.


Leo Smiers
!Flash 0.410.1.1

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