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          Leo Smiers <l.smiers at chello.nl> wrote:

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> > What?  You've already got/done that if you have a running compiler
> > and "hello world".
> I thought that there was a newer UNIXLIB development CSV outside the
> GCCSDK. This is obvious not the case, which is good because it saves me
> building an extra object.

Actually, it's not _that_ obvious.  I've hinted at updating some of the
main pages.  A few people have fallen into the trap.   The seperate
Unixlib in CVS is designed for use with LCC and Norcroft.

> > "it works" - what else can be said?
> AFAIK I should copy the OSLIB h and o files into a directory that is visible
> to gcc and just build and link? This is so simple that I thought that there
> was a catch to it.

There's no catch.  OSLib has been set up to do allow this.  But it
shouldn't be part of GCCSDK - it's very much its own thing.

Thanks for your appreciation.

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