With great joy I announce...

Christian Ludlam chris at recoil.org
Thu Oct 31 12:58:53 PST 2002

On 31 Oct John Tytgat wrote:

> In message <fac9338e4b.Leo at leo.fam.smiers.name>
>           Leo Smiers <l.smiers at chello.nl> wrote:
> > I have one question I would like against OSLIB. Is this possible on the
> > linux cross-development system?
> You mean cross compile OSLib ? This question came up recently in the OSLib
> mailing list but I don't remember someone saying that it works. Cfr. the
> mailing list details at <URL:http://www.mk-net.demon.co.uk/oslib/>.

It certainly does work, but it's a bit more of a fiddle than compiling it
natively. If Leo meant building other projects that /use/ OSLib, then that
works fine as well :)

Christian Ludlam
chris at recoil.org

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