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Christian Ludlam chris at
Mon Apr 21 10:48:00 PDT 2003

On 21 Apr Peter Naulls wrote:

> In message <f3bfb9e64b.christian at venice.lab>
>           Christian Ludlam <chris at> wrote:
> > Thanks - that's fixed, but now I don't have stpcpy(). What's happened
> > here? Have all the changes recently been happening on the release_2_95
> > branch? I don't really know how the repository is organised.
> Nick hasn't put any changes on that branch for some time, but I have
> quite a few changes on it, from my own things, and from patches people
> have posted to the list applied to it.
> Can you tell me where the stpcpy issue is?

Just in rname.c

For reference it might be interesting to know what branches there are and
what they have in them. (If anyone knows :)

Christian Ludlam
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