strndup in as

Nick Burrett nick at
Mon Apr 21 14:05:59 PDT 2003

Peter Naulls wrote:
> In message <f3bfb9e64b.christian at venice.lab>
>           Christian Ludlam <chris at> wrote:
>>>I have brought across some 'as' fixes from the branch, including this.
>>Thanks - that's fixed, but now I don't have stpcpy(). What's happened here?
>>Have all the changes recently been happening on the release_2_95 branch? I
>>don't really know how the repository is organised.
> Nick hasn't put any changes on that branch for some time, but I have
> quite a few changes on it, from my own things, and from patches people
> have posted to the list applied to it.

I've just discovered this myself.  It seems that I dragged changes from 
the 2.95 release 2 branch into the mainline but there are still changes 
on the 2.95 release 3 line that are not in the mainline.  I'll see about 
fixing this but I'm  a little surprised that there are that many changes.

> Can you tell me where the stpcpy issue is?

stpcpy should be a libiberty implmentation and 'as' should link against it.


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