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> > Great, and thanks for your hard work.  I now have a working 3.3.3 GCC
> > in RISC OS, which I'll put up on my website in the next little while
> > for people to try.  We might try for a full release after Xmas.

Which is bust because of path issues, which I haven't been able to fully
resolve (so don't try it ;-).   This is probably something Nick can
resolve easily, but here's what's going on:

The make_relative_prefix call creates a crazy path:

  -iprefix ../../../gccpkg:bin/arm-riscos-aof/3_3_0/

The GCC_EXEC_PREFIX environment can be set to work around this, but it
doesn't find its includes.  I changed riscos-aof.h so the follow ends
up in the command:

 -icrossdirafter /gccpkg:include/unixlib

But this just produces:

ignoring nonexistent directory "gccpkg:include/unixlib"

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