cvs: gccsdk /gcc/gcc/config/arm riscos-aof.h /gcc/libgcc lib1aof.s

Nick Burrett nick at
Tue Dec 16 05:36:22 PST 2003

Alex Waugh wrote:
> In message <cvspeter1071441516 at cvsserver>
>           peter <gcc-cvs at> wrote:
>>peter		Sun Dec 14 22:38:36 2003 EDT
>>  Modified files:              
>>    /gccsdk/gcc/libgcc	lib1aof.s 
>>    /gccsdk/gcc/gcc/config/arm	riscos-aof.h 
>>  Log:
>>  Set jmp_buf and comments.  I believe this is now correct
> I don't think it is correct. I'm pretty sure the original code was
> correct, although the comment was wrong. Now, __JMP_BUF_SIZE is defined
> to two different values in riscos-aof.h, and setjmp_save points outside
> of the jmp_buf.

I think Peter was half-right.  The setjmp_save was a little confused 
because of the comment, but the change to riscos-aof.h was correct. 
I've fixed it now.


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