uid & UnixLib

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Mon Dec 22 11:43:36 PST 2003

John Tytgat wrote:

> I have an upcoming patch to address this.  Before I commit this, I would
> like to have some feedback on the idea to change the environment
> variable "Unix$uid" into an UnixLib "feature" (just like we have the
> "nonametrans" and "sfix" features).  This means that "Unix$uid" gets
> renamed to "UnixEnv$uid" (acting for all UnixLib programs) or
> to "UnixEnv$program$uid" (acting only for UnixLib programs with leafname
> "program").

Fine with me.  I think it would be better like that.

> Also, there is such a thing called "Unix$tty" which specifies the
> "terminal file program" (cfr ReadMe36c1 and ReadMe36c2).  Typically set
> to /dev/serial or /dev/null I guess.  I don't see any valid use cases for
> this because we can archieve the same by proper command line redirection.
> Any objections to remove the "Unix$tty" support code ?

Kill it.


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